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COVERUP UPDATE: CIP Violation Database and FOIAs

Updated on 29 June 2020

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FOIA Lawsuit and CIP Violation Database: Exposing the NERC CIP Coverup

I created the CIP violation database to disclose to the public the identities of violators of Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards as my investigation continues. These identities have been covered up by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) since 2010. [Read details of the coverup and my investigation HERE.] Unfortunately, I have been forced to file a lawsuit against FERC under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) due to FERC’s delay and denial of my FOIA requests. Details on my FOIAs and the lawsuit are all posted below.

Here is the current status of the CIP coverup and my FOIAs

Date Updated: 6/27/2020
Total URE Dockets: 263
FOIAs Filed for: 259
Total UREs *: 1495
FOIA URE Names Released: 10
FOIA URE Names Denied: 85

* Note: As of 2019 NERC is also hiding the number of UREs covered in spreadsheet NOPs, so we can no longer accurately determine the number of URE’s involved.



I have filed 4 FOIA requests (so far) for the names of UREs (“Unidentified Registered Entities”) which is the industry euphemism for “covered up company name.” In addition, I was also forced to file a FOIA to get NERC’s and the utility industry’s objections to my FOIAs (ridiculous, I know). I also had to file a FOIA to disprove the electric industry’s assertion that FERC has officially blessed off on withholding the names of CIP violators – and there were no responsive documents. So the industry is misrepresenting this (or lying, depending on how charitable you’d like to be).

As a result of my December 2018 FOIA request, January 2019 FOIA Request and August 2019 FOIA request I will be getting the names a few at a time from FERC and will update the database as I get them. (Read FERC’s first response letter HERE.) Note that I have objected to FERC’s “rolling” treatment of my FOIA requests which appear to be a delay tactic to appease the industry.

As of June 26, 2020 FERC has processed only 88 of 259 dockets under my FOIA lawsuit. 

At this rate, it will take FERC about 2 years to process my FOIAs.

Unfortunately, I do not think this unacceptable delay is anything other than an attempt by FERC to constructively deny the FOIA. The Court agreed and on January 28, 2020 issued an order requiring FERC to process 10-15 dockets per month until production is complete.

I will continue to work in FERC rulemaking and Motions to intervene (see HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE) to fix this NERC coverup permanently.

NERC CIP Violation Database
Click for larger view

It is also important to note that the entire electric utility industry is actively fighting these FOIAs. This is an extraordinary level of objection to disclosure of regulatory actions that the American people have the right to know about!

I will only be posting the names that are confirmed. For example, you will find that in Docket NP18-7 the violator is Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). This was confirmed by a previous FOIA I filed.

The Database gives you details on all the covered up CIP violations to date and will be updated with the names of “UREs” as I receive them.

FOIA Documents
I will post the FOIAs and all responses, disclosures, denials and appeals below.

FOIA Lawsuit: Mabee v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
(NOTE: Lawsuit covers FOIAs 2019-0019, 2019-0030 and 2019-0099 below)
Click HERE For Press Release On Lawsuit

FOIA 2019-0099 (For FERC “URE” Dockets from January-July 2019)
Click HERE for my August 3, 2019 FOIA request to FERC
Click HERE for FERC’s September 17, 2019 determination Letter (Denial)
Click HERE for my September 24, 2019 FOIA appeal to FERC (2019-0099)
Click HERE for FERC’s November 7, 2019 denial of my appeal

FOIA 2019-0019 (for FERC “URE” Dockets from 2014-2018)
Click HERE for my December 18, 2018 FOIA request to FERC
Click HERE for FERC’s January 18, 2019 “Submitter’s Rights Letter.”
Click HERE for NERC’s January 28, 2019 objections to my FOIA
Click HERE for the electric industry Trade Associations objections to my FOIA
Click HERE for FERC’s February 28, 2019 “Notice of Intent to Release” Letter
Click HERE for FERC’s March 18, 2019 determination (with disclosed documents)
Click HERE for FERC’s April 2, 2019 second determination (denial)
Click HERE for my April 17, 2019 FOIA appeal to FERC

Click here for NERC’s April 23, 2019 objections to my FOIA
Click HERE for FERC’s June 12, 2019 denial of my appeal
Click HERE for my August 3, 2019 estimated completion date request to FERC
Click HERE for my September 13, 2019 FOIA appeal to FERC (2019-0019)
Click HERE for FERC’s October 21, 2019 denial letter
Click HERE for FERC’s January 16, 2020 denial letter

FOIA 2019-0030 (for FERC “URE” Dockets from 2010-2013)
Click HERE for my January 12, 2019 FOIA request to FERC
Click HERE for NERC’s February 15, 2019 objections to my FOIA
Click HERE for the electric industry Trade Associations objections to my FOIA

Click HERE for FERC’s March 20, 2019 “Notice of Intent to Release” Letter
Click HERE for FERC’s May 17, 2019 determination (with disclosed documents)
Click HERE for FERC’s June 13, 2019 “Notice of Intent to Release” Letter
Click HERE for my August 3, 2019 estimated completion date request to FERC
Click HERE for FERC’s September 3, 2019 determination (with disclosed documents)
Click HERE for my September 13, 2019 FOIA appeal to FERC (2019-0030)

Click HERE for FERC’s October 25, 2109 denial letter
Click HERE for FERC’s December 12, 2019 determination letter (with disclosed documents)
Click HERE for FERC’s February 26, 2020 denial letter
Click HERE for FERC’s March 30, 2020 denial letter
Click HERE for FERC’s April 28, 2020 denial letter
Click HERE for FERC’s May 19, 2020 “Notice of Intent to Release” Letter
Click HERE for FERC’s May 27, 2020 denial letter
Click HERE for FERC’s June 26, 2020 denial letter

FOIA 2019-0056 (FOIA for the objections to my FOIAs)
Click HERE for my March 15, 2019 FOIA to get the objections to my previous FOIAs
Click HERE for FERC’s April 26, 2019 “Notice of Intent to Release” Letter
Click HERE for FERC’s May 17, 2019 determination (with disclosed documents)
Click HERE for Trade Associations objections to my FOIAs (Filed with Docket NP19-4-000)

FOIA 2019-0061 (For alleged “agreement” between FERC and NERC)
Click HERE for my FOIA for the alleged “agreement” between FERC and NERC to withhold identities
Click HERE for FERC’s Response (no responsive documents – in other words, the industry lied)

FOIA 2018-0075 (for FERC Docket NP18-7-000)
Click HERE for my April 13, 2018 FOIA request to FERC
Click HERE for FERC’s May 25, 2018 denial letter
Click HERE for my June 16, 2018 FOIA appeal to FERC
Click HERE for August 2, 2018 letter from FERC
Click HERE for August 24, 2018 letter and disclosed documents from FERC

FOIA 2020-0043  (For FERC “URE” Dockets from August-December 2019)
Click HERE for my January 1, 2020 FOIA Request to FERC
Click HERE for FERC’s February 19, 2020 denial letter
Click HERE for my May 3, 2020 Appeal in FOIA 2020-0043
Click HERE for FERC’s June 16, 2020 appeal denial letter

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6/5/2020Filed: Motion in FERC Docket EL20-46-000
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5/20/2020Federal Register. "Complaint of Michael Mabee Related to Critical Infrastructure Reliability Standard; Notice of Complaint."
5/14/2020Posted: Electric Industry Lobbyist’s China Ties Questioned
5/13/2020Filed: Motions in FERC Docket EL20-46-000
5/12/2020Posted: Supply Chain Cybersecurity Complaint Filed with FERC
5/11/2020Filed: Complaint with FERC - Supply Chain Cybersecurity FERC Docket EL20-46-000
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5/3/2020Posted: Executive Order 13920: Securing the United States Bulk-Power System
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11/26/2019Filed: Letter to Senator Leahy
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11/17/2019Posted: (Reorganized) Government Documents Library
11/16/2019Posted: Lawsuit filed to end electric grid coverup
11/15/2019Filed: FOIA Lawsuit Mabee v. FERC Case 1:19-cv-03448
11/13/2019Interview: Frank Gaffney and Michael Mabee.
11/12/2019Presentation: Central NH Public Health Bristol, NH
11/8/2019Newsletter sent to subscribers
11/8/2019Letter: House Committee on Ethics
11/8/2019Letter: Senate Select Committee on Ethics
11/7/2019Posted: Money Talks, Grid Security Walks
11/6/2019Posted: The cavalry is not coming
11/6/2019Presentation: IAEM Region 1 (Webinar)
11/3/2019Filed: FOIA Request with Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
11/3/2019Filed: FOIA Request #2 to Department of Energy
11/2/2019Filed: FOIA Request #1 to Department of Energy
10/26/2019Letter & Report: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
10/26/2019Letter & Report: U.S. Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster (NH)
10/26/2019Letter & Report: U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce
10/26/2019Letter & Report: U.S. Department of Energy—Office of the Inspector General
10/26/2019Letter & Report: U.S. Government Accountability Office
10/26/2019Letter & Report: National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)
10/26/2019Letter & Report: U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
10/26/2019Letter & Report: U.S. Senator Angus King (ME)
10/25/2019Filed: Comments on Regulatory Failures in AD19-18-000
10/23/2019Presentation: Amherst Lion’s Club
10/12/2019Presentation: Wilton, NH Fire Department
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10/11/2019Published: The Epoch Times - "Blackouts & Cover Ups"
10/8/2019Posted: Kat McGhee: New Hampshire Rep. Steps Up On Grid Security
10/7/2019Presentation: Seacoast MRC / Epping Fire Dept. NH
10/4/2019Posted: Tommy Waller Breaks Down Grid Security – And What You Can Do!
10/3/2019Meeting with NH Rep Kat McGhee
10/1/2019Presentation: Winnipesaukee CERT Class
9/30/2019Quoted: Inside Cybersecurity (Article link: HERE.)
9/23/2019Filed: Appeal in FOIA 2019-0099
9/21/2019Presentation: Lincoln County Preparedness Fair (Maine) (Article link: HERE.)
9/13/2019Newsletter sent to subscribers.
9/13/2019Filed: Appeal in FOIA 2019-0019
9/13/2019Filed: Appeal in FOIA 2019-0030
9/11/2019Published: Journal of Domestic Preparedness. (Article link: HERE.)
9/10/2019Posted: Duke Redux – A Repeat Cybersecurity Violator Exposed!
9/6/2019Quoted: Wall Street Journal. (Article link: HERE.)
9/3/2019Filed: Comments and Alternate Proposal in Docket No. AD19-18-000
9/3/2019Posted: UPDATED: CIP Violation Database and FOIAs
9/3/2019Posted: FERC White Paper: We Need YOU In This Fight!
8/27/2019Posted: EDTF Discredits False EPRI EMP Report
8/26/2019Posted: CIP Coverup: The Proverbial Cat is Out of the Bag
8/23/2019Filed: Reply Comments in FERC Docket AD19-13-000
8/15/2019Posted: The cavalry is not coming
8/15/2019Presentation: Lincoln County EMA, Wiscasset, ME
8/13/2019Interview (Annie Berdel)
8/13/2019Posted: Prepper Chicks After Dark – Annie and Mike on the electric grid!
8/5/2019Posted: Electric Disturbance Events: What is the public allowed to know?
8/3/2019Newsletter sent to subscribers
8/3/2019Filed: Request for completion date for FOIAs 2019-0019 & 2019-0030
8/3/2019Filed: FERC FOIA 2019-0099 (2019 through 7/31/2019)
8/3/2019Posted: UPDATED: CIP Violation Database and FOIAs
7/31/2019Posted: Jonathan Hollerman – EMP Attack Against Venezuela’s Grid?
7/22/2019Presentation: STG Dublin, NH
7/14/2019Posted: Cybersecurity Hearing: The Grid is a Primary Target
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6/11/2019Posted: Civil Defense Radio: Mike and Preston on EEI and China
6/9/2019Posted: FEMA’s Response to My Letter: A Blow Off
6/4/2019Newsletter sent to subscribers
6/4/2019Posted: Is Edison Electric Institute Helping China Lobby For Less Grid Security?
6/4/2019Presentation: New Hampshire Emergency Preparedness Conference, Manchester, NH
5/29/2019Interview (Civil Defense Radio)
5/29/2019Posted: Civil Defense Radio: Mike and Preston on Building a Culture of Preparedness
5/20/2019Presentation: Governor’s Conference on Volunteerism, Saint Anselm College, NH
5/15/2019Posted: Annie Berdel and Michael Mabee Discuss the Grid
5/14/2019Interview (Annie Berdel)
5/12/2019Newsletter sent to subscribers.
5/10/2019Posted: Regulatory Mutiny: The Grid Just Threatened FERC
5/10/2019Presentation: Granite State Amateur Radio Association (Souhegan CERT)
5/9/2019Filed: Reply comments to the Electric Industry in 192 “URE” Dockets (FERC)
5/9/2019Filed: Reply comments to the Electric Industry in Docket NP19-4 (Duke Energy) (FERC)
5/8/2019Interview (Karen Testerman)
5/8/2019Presentation: Emergency Preparedness Seminar, Amherst, NH (Souhegan CERT)
5/3/2019Posted: EPRI EMP Study: Frank Gaffney and Michael Mabee Break It Down
5/2/2019Interview (Frank Gaffney)
4/30/2019Posted: Duke Energy Notice of Penalty Docket Shut Down!
4/29/2019Posted: EPRI EMP Report: Selling Snake Oil to America
4/25/2019Newsletter sent to subscribers.
4/25/2019Posted: Physical Security: The Electric Grid’s Dirty Little Secret
4/23/2019Presentation: Maine Partners in Preparedness Conference
4/19/2019Posted: FERC Must Make A Choice
4/17/2019Filed: FOIA Appeal to FERC (FOIA 2019-0019)
4/10/2019Newsletter sent to subscribers.
4/10/2019Posted: Q: How Did We Became So Vulnerable?
4/6/2019Presentation: NH Integrated Emergency Volunteer Training, Bow, NH.
4/4/2019Newsletter sent to subscribers.
4/4/2019Quoted: Wall Street Journal. (Article link: HERE.)
4/3/2019Posted: Is the Electric Industry Flipping POTUS The Bird?
4/1/2019Filed: FOIA 2019-0061 (Alleged agreement between NERC and FERC regarding UREs)
3/29/2019Newsletter sent to subscribers.
3/29/2019Posted: Building a Culture of Preparedness
3/28/2019Filed: Letter to FEMA re: Building a Culture of Preparedness
3/27/2019Posted: President Issues Executive Order on EMP
3/27/2019Presentation: Milford Rotary Club (Souhegan CERT)
3/16/2019Posted: Grid Coverup: NERC’s “Double Secret Probation” of CIP Violators Continues
3/15/2019Filed: FOIA 2019-0056 (NERC and Industry objections to FOIA 19-19 and 19-30)
3/8/2019Posted: FEMA: Let’s Try Civil Defense
3/1/2019Interview (Karen Testerman Show)
3/1/2019Posted: Karen Testerman and Michael Mabee Talk Grid Security
2/28/2019Posted: Dr. George Baker Speaks The Truth!
2/23/2019Posted: NERC’s “Cybersecurity Incident” Shell Game
2/21/2019Filed: Motion to Intervene to FERC in Docket NP19-4 (Duke Energy)
2/19/2019Filed: Motion to Intervene to FERC on 192 “URE” Dockets
2/19/2019Quoted: Law360. (Article link: HERE.)
2/18/2019Posted: Jacki Daily Show Interviews Michael Mabee
2/17/2019Interview (Jacki Daily Show)
2/16/2019Interview (Frank Gaffney)
2/16/2019Posted: Frank Gaffney Interviews Mike Mabee on NERC Coverup
2/16/2019Posted: Senate Cybersecurity Hearing: “The Russians are already in the grid!”
2/13/2019Filed: FOIA with DHS for June 26, 2017 letter from Representative Scott Perry.
2/8/2019Posted: Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Protection and Resilience Guidelines
2/6/2019Posted: NERC Coverup Investigation Report
2/5/2019Filed: Petition for Rulemaking with FERC (URE Cover Up)
2/1/2019Posted: Why Thomas Popik should be a FERC Commissioner
1/31/2019Posted: Dear Senators Murkowski and Manchin…
1/30/2019Filed: Letter with Senate Energy Committee
1/24/2019Posted: Final Three Unclassified EMP Commission Reports Released
1/21/2019Posted: Transmission Vegetation Management Cover Up?
1/13/2019Posted: FERC Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur: Step Up on Grid Security or Step Down!
1/12/2019Filed: FOIA 2019-0030 (UREs 2010 – 2013)
1/12/2019Posted: Randy Powers Interviews Michael Mabee – Part 2
1/2/2019Posted: Electric Grid Cyber Cover-Up: More Details Emerging
12/18/2018Filed: FOIA 2019-0019 (UREs 2014-2018)
12/18/2018Posted: These “Unidentified Registered Entities” Endangered the Electric Grid
12/17/2018Meeting with Kelly Ayotte (Former NH AG and NH Senator)
12/6/2018InfraGard EMP-SIG Summit Washington, DC
12/6/2018Meeting with Rep. Kuster’s staff, Washington, DC.
11/16/2018Posted: The Congressional Electromagnetic Pulse Caucus
11/11/2018Filed: Letter to Congresswoman Ann Kuster.
11/11/2018Posted: Congresswoman Ann Kuster Says Electric Grid Is Vital
11/10/2018Presentation: New England Long-Term Power Outage Summit, New England College
11/1/2018Posted: EMP Commission Chairman’s Report Released
10/27/2018Posted: Long-Term Power Outage: There Is No Plan
10/26/2018Posted: New England Long-Term Power Outage Summit
9/12/2018Presentation: Hillsborough County ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service), NH
9/9/2018Posted: Cyberattacks: Letter to Senator Edward Markey
9/8/2018Presentation: Waldo County Maine Preparedness Fair, Belfast, ME
9/7/2018Filed: Letter to Senator Markey
8/29/2018Interview (Randy Powers)
8/29/2018Posted: Practical Prepping Period Interview – Part 1
8/25/2018Posted: PG&E endangered the grid – and tried to cover it up
8/24/2018Quoted: Wall Street Journal. (Article link: HERE.)
8/9/2018Power Grid Defense Symposium Huntsville, AL
6/23/2018Posted: More New EMP Commission Reports Released
6/16/2018Filed: Appeal on FOIA 2018-0075
6/1/2018Posted: Now It’s a FERC Cover-Up
5/31/2018Posted: EM Weekly: Interview of Thomas Popik
5/16/2018Posted: Interview on the Conservative Chic Chat Show WSMN 1590 AM
5/15/2018Interview (Karen Testerman Show)
5/12/2018Posted: STG Coalition Submits New EMP Commission Reports to FERC
5/9/2018Filed: Comments to FERC in Docket RM18-1
5/9/2018Posted: Three New EMP Commission Reports Released
4/30/2018Filed: Letter to Senator Ron Johnson
4/29/2018Posted: Black Sky – every American needs to see this video
4/29/2018Posted: Congressman Scott Perry Discusses Threats to the Electric Grid
4/28/2018Posted: Guide to Developing a Community-Based Civil Defense Organization – CDVA
4/22/2018Posted: Congress: Hold DHS Accountable for Protecting the Electric Grid
4/16/2018Posted: The Electric Utility Industry Lacks Effective Regulation
4/15/2018Filed: Motion to Intervene in FERC in Docket NP18-7 (PG&E)
4/13/2018Filed: FOIA 2018-0075 (NOP PG&E)
4/1/2018Posted: A NERC Cover-Up? Who Put the Electric Grid at Risk?
3/25/2018Filed: Comments to FERC in Docket RM17-13
3/25/2018Posted: Grid Cybersecurity: The Critical Infrastructures Are Under Attack
3/18/2018Posted: Is DHS Dropping the Ball on Critical Infrastructure Protection?
3/16/2018Interview (Frank Gaffney)
3/16/2018Posted: Secure Freedom Radio: Thomas Popik and Michael Mabee
3/13/2018Posted: Letter to FEMA on building a culture of preparedness
3/8/2018Interview (EM Weekly)
3/8/2018Posted: EM Weekly Interviews Michael Mabee on Civil Defense!
3/7/2018Filed: Letter to FEMA
3/3/2018Posted: The Fight for Electric Grid Cyber Security
3/2/2018Interview (Karen Testerman Show)
3/2/2018Posted: Interview on the Conservative Chic Chat Show WSMN 1590 AM
2/23/2018Filed: Comments to FERC in Docket RM18-2
2/23/2018Posted: My Comments to FERC on Grid Cyber Security
2/19/2018Posted: (EM Weekly) Blackout: What We Learn From Electric Grid Failures
2/17/2018Posted: What You Can Do to Secure the Grid
2/4/2018Posted: What Is Civil Defense? What Is Civil Defense Virginia?
1/16/2018Posted: What we should take from the Hawaii false missile alert
1/7/2018Posted: All Roads Lead to Civil Defense
12/26/2017Posted: A Sea Change in 2018 for Emergency Preparedness
12/21/2017Posted: Building a Culture of Preparedness is now the National Policy
12/16/2017Posted: Pre-Disaster Mitigation: It’s Time to Change the Culture
12/9/2017Posted: FEMA Administrator Brock Long: Time to hit the reset button on resiliency
11/30/2017Posted: Basement Aquaponics System: Year-Round Food Security!
11/28/2017Posted: Craig Fugate: The 7 Deadly Sins of Emergency Management
11/26/2017Posted: Threats to the Electric Grid and the Sense of Congress
11/18/2017Posted: GridEx: Is This Exercise Enough to Protect Critical Infrastructures?
11/16/2017Posted: What is Civil Defense and why don’t we have it?
11/8/2017Posted: Critical Infrastructure Protection – Two Decades of Failure
10/21/2017Posted: Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Maria were both “best case scenarios”

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