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Annie Berdel and Michael Mabee Discuss the Grid


Annie Berdel of Prepper Chicks and Michael Mabee Discuss All Things Grid!

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Annie Berdel is the author of several books and the leader of the popular “Prepper Chicks” brand on social media:Annie Berdel Prepper Chicks Tactical

Annie Berdel’s Books:

Michael Mabee’s Book:

It has been a long time since Annie and I got together to talk about the grid, prepping and what people can do. In fact, it was July of 2013 and Annie Berdel was the first person to interview me when the first edition of my book was first published!

A lot has changed. One of the important things that has changed is the FEMA now agrees with what we have all been saying for years: The United States lacks a culture of preparedness. This is now part of FEMA’s strategic plan.

We talk about the grid threats and what we can do. The important thing is to TAKE ACTION!