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Resources: Books, Reports, Docs


Public: Fiction

One Second After by William R. Forstchen

The Final Day by William R. Forstchen

Patriarch Run by Benjamin Dancer

Tech Professionals

2010 Metatec:  HEMP & Impact on U.S. Power Grid (prepared for Oak Ridge National Laboratories)

2016 Office of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Nuclear Matters – Nuclear Matters Handbook:  Nuclear Survivability (see hardening comments)

2016 Markus Nyffeler and Armin W. Kaelin: EMP-Hardened Photovoltaic Generators: A Possible Emergency Power Solution for Critical Infrastructure? (research article via ECE at the University of New Mexico)

IEEE articles specific to cyber security via LA Grid Coalition’s site (must be member of IEEE to read full articles)

IEEE articles specific to geomagnetic disturbances via LA Grid Coalition’s site (must be member of IEEE to read full articles)

E-Pro Handbooks by the Electric Infrastructure Security (EIS) Council


Technical Misc.

Black Hat: USA 2013

Additional Resources

2005 U.S. Senate Subcomittee:  Testimony of Dr Pry on Foreign Views of EMP Attack

2010 Space Review:  Rebuttal to The EMP Threat – Fact, Fiction, and Response

2012 National Intelligence Council:  Global Trends 2030 (see pg. xi)

2013 Llyod’s of London:  Solar Storm Risk to the North American Electric Grid

2014 U.S. Global Change Research Program:  National Climate Assessment Report

2014 Asymmetric Threat Symposium VIII:  Cyber, Electronic Warfare, and Critical Infrastructure Strategies

2015 Department of Homeland Security:  EMP Risks and Mitigation

2015 Secure the Grid:  Rebuttal to Edison Electric Institute’s EMP – Myth vs. Fact

2017 Department of Energy:  Transforming the Nation’s Electricity System: Second Installment

2017 Department of Energy:  EMP Resilience Action Plan

2017 Dams and Energy Sectors Interdependency Study:  An Update to the 2011 Study

2017 FERC:  Testimony of Thomas Popik at Reliability Technical Conference

2017 U.S. House of Representatives:  Statement of Dr. William Graham and Dr. Peter Pry on North Korea Nuclear EMP Attack: An Existential Threat