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STG Experts

Cynthia Ayers
Cynthia Ayers
Representative Andrea Boland
State Rep. Andrea Boland
Dr Peter Pry; Task Force on National and Homeland Security; EMP Commission
Dr. Peter Vincent Pry
Tommy Waller Director of Special Projects
Tommy Waller
Image of Tom Popiik of Foundation for Resilient Societies
Thomas Popik
Ambassador Henry Cooper
Ambassador Henry Cooper
George Baker; Nuclear Defense Agency; JMU College of Integrated Science and Technology
Dr. George Baker
Chuck Manto; Infragard
Chuck Manto
Kevin Freeman; Cross Consulting and Services; Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism
Kevin D. Freeman
Frank Gaffney portrait
Frank Gaffney
   Share STG's website and information with your family and friends. . . Write your officials about passing legislation to harden the grid and to plan for grid down. . . Prepare for you and your family for a long term power outage.