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Fact vs. Fake

Naivety and Misinformation Abounds

Popular media outlets and electric utility industry publications are fraught with naivety and misinformation regarding electromagnetic pulse and the danger it poses to the electric grid. At best, this is the result of some well-intentioned non-experts (who in most cases lack security clearances and experience in nuclear weapons and defense topics) applying their worldview to the subject in a naive bid to “wish away” the threat. At worst, it is the result of highly effective, well resourced, and selfishly savvy political elites (inside of government, academia, and the electric industry) who – even if given access to classified threat information on EMP – will work diligently to whitewash it.

Many in government who are aware of the threat don’t want to “scare the American people.” Many in academia who study threats to the grid see EMP as “the defense department’s problem” and cower at the prospect of even beginning to study the topic. Many in the electric industry (not so much engineers but rather some in upper management and legal circles) will do whatever is necessary to suppress the truth about EMP for fear that once Americans wake up to it, the industry will be forced to do something about it and this could ruin the sweetheart self-regulation that is a money-making engine possessed by no other industry in America.

In combination, these collective actions of naivety and deception create for the American people an extraordinarily perilous situation. What’s worse is that when true experts sound the alarm to awaken their fellow countrymen, these forces – working with the media that support them – often “kill the messenger.” In these pages, the Secure the Grid Coalition, wants to keep those messages, and the facts that support them, alive and accessible to all Americans.

The FACTS – Straight from the Experts

The Secure the Grid Coalition maintains daily contact with the free world’s most experienced and credible EMP experts and provides a platform for their fact-based expertise about EMP and its threat to the electric grid to reach the American people. Following are media articles, academic studies, and utility industry reports that are inaccurate in both facts and conclusions. Corresponding rebuttals written by true EMP experts and partners immediately follow those articles and reports.

These EMP experts have the education, training, security clearances, and career experience to speak with authority on the dangers of EMP. Many of these experts maintain high level security clearances and years-worth of experience dealing with the threat from EMP in classified environments. Nevertheless, all of the information they provide below can be found in open, unclassified, sources – which are of course available to writers in the media, academia, government, and industry who downplay the threat.

Don’t Be Misled by Misinformation

We encourage you to do the research yourself and come to your own conclusions about the threat from EMP. You will be surprised just how easy it becomes to spot naivety and deceit once you have read the facts. We hope you will then join us, and our EMP experts, in correcting the record. Following are links to full webpages that set the record straight: