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Take Action: Protect the Texas grid from solar weather

The people of Texas have long been noted for their independence, and for doing everything just a little bit bigger. One unique distinction which Texas holds is being the only state with its own fully intrastate electric grid, overseen by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). Now, some in Washington are trying to break Texas’ independence streak by lassoing the state into the national electric grid, which has its own failures and challenges.   

If you’re a Texas resident, please TAKE ACTION against the attempted federal takeover of your state’s electric grid. Complete our “Align Act Campaign” below to voice your concerns directly to Texas lawmakers and regulators!

The truth is, forcing Texas to give up grid independence will do nothing to improve the reliability of Texas residents’ power and would subject the state to the federal government’s failed resilience standards.

Click HERE to download a thorough report demonstrating why Texas must refuse to give up grid independence and to encourage the state’s leaders to establish new standards to lead the nation in electric grid resilience.