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Solar weather threat, and solutions, explained

Having recently moderated a panel on electric grid security hosted by the International Association of CIP Professionals, I was asked to contribute a feature article in “Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience News.”

I took this opportunity to cover a topic of great importance to the owners and operators of our nation’s critical infrastructures since they can play a vital role in the “bottom up” action needed to secure the electric grid from a threat we cannot deter: Solar Weather.

The timing could not have been better with the most recent solar storm alerting the world to this danger.

My article is provided as an excerpt below. Because this is a “fixable problem” that the U.S. Federal Government refuses to address, I encourage readers to share this with their state legislatures and state regulators to encourage them to take action before it’s too late.

**Note – if you are a resident of Texas, you can take action immediately HERE**


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