Don't let the lights go out in America... Get smart and take action!... Learn the facts and what to do in A Call to Action for America.

Wake up America!

[su_content_slider][su_content_slide] Don’t let the lights go out in America. . . Get smart and take action![/su_content_slide] [su_content_slide] Share STG’s website & information with your family and friends.
[/su_content_slide] [su_content_slide] Write officials about passing bills to harden grid & to plan for grid down. [/su_content_slide][su_content_slide] Prepare for yourself and your family for a long term power outage. [/su_content_slide] [/su_content_slider]

What are the risks and implications of losing power, permanantly?

The Secure the Grid Coalition has released a series of public service videos to raise awareness of risks, vulnerabilities, and implications of large scale loss of power over time.