Don't let the lights go out in America... Get smart and take action!... Learn the facts and what to do in A Call to Action for America.

The Threats Aren’t New

Economic Warfare Expert Kevin Freeman interviews Major David Stuckenberg and Ambassador R. James Woolsey about the prospect of a prolonged blackout in the United States, which could be caused by solar weather or an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack. These leaders explain that our knowledge of these threats is nothing new and that America must be careful not assume that if the lights go out, that they’ll come right back on in a few hours. If an adversary or mother nature were to take out the Extra High Voltage (EHV) Transformers, it could be years before we fully restored power. Proven technologies exist to defend these critical assets from natural and manmade EMP so we must ensure that we rapidly employ these and other technological solutions to Secure The Grid!