Don't let the lights go out in America... Get smart and take action!... Learn the facts and what to do in A Call to Action for America.

Contact Public Officials

If you know your zip code including the 4 digit extension, you can easily find your U.S. and State officials.  To find your U.S. and State Representatives (a.k.a. Congressmen) and Senators and your state’s Governor, go to this website:

When writing your officials, feel free to include the brochure A Call to Action for America.  It is written with enough facts, information and references to prove that a very real problem exists, that solutions are available, and that action needs to be taken NOW.  Continued excuses are unacceptable.

Write your federal officials asking them to pass legislation requiring the utilities industry to use hardware based solutions (not just procedural-only plans) as well as legislation to create emergency planning scenarios for grid down.

Write your local and state officials asking them to sponsor and support a bill at the local and state levels to begin the process of securing the electric grid and the critical infrastructures (such as water and wastewater) around your local area and state.