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Resources: Videos


2011 CBS News – 60 Minutes: Stuxnet: Computer Worm Opens New Era of Warfare

2013 CBS News: North Korea Caught Smuggling Weapons System through Panama Canal

2013 CSP: Former CIA Director Jim Woolsey Warns of Existential EMP Threat to America

2015 Congressional Committee on Oversight & Gov’t Reform (begins at 43:10)

2016 Western Free Press: EMP: What Is It?

2017 Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee

2011 Stuxnet Decoder, Ralph Langner, Speaks about Stuxnet (computer virus in Iranian nuclear facilities)
2013 CSP: Panel on EMP Threat – Electric Grid Protection Urgently Needed

2014 CSP: Anniversary of Attack on Key Substation Shows Necessity of Fixing Power Grid

2015 ABC News: Ted Koppel’s Book Lights Out (describes effects of cyberattack on grid)

2016 Showtime Documentary Films: Zero Days (trailer only)


National Geographic: Electronic Armageddon
EIS Council – National Energy Security: Black Sky

National Geographic: American Blackout: The Movie (trailer only)