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Recent Grid Threats: Frank Gaffney and Michael Mabee Break It Down

Frank Gaffney and Michael Mabee Discuss Recent Grid Threats

From the PG&E sparked wildfires to the Texas grid collapse of 2021, listen to Frank Gaffney and Michael Mabee of the Secure the Grid Coalition discuss the threats and what must be done now to protect the most critical infrastructure. Host Frank Gaffney had Michael on both his radio and TV show this week.

Secure Freedom Radio:

Securing America TV:

MIKE MABEE, Author, “The Civil Defense Book,” Retired US Army Command Sergeant Major, Secure the Grid Coalition,

  • Secret Penalties: The Electric Grid Is Making You Pay Their Fines
  • Mike Mabee: There’s quite a bit of evidence that California’s mandatory vegetation standards are not working
  • What happened in February 2021 in Texas also happened in 2011 and 1989: There’s a cycle of the Texas grid being unprepared for cold weather
  • In over 1,500 incidents where electric companies have been cited in federal probes, the companies themselves have not be unmasked – Why?
  • There have been 720 physical attacks against the U.S electric grid in the last decade
  • Why did the electric utility industry come out against Mabee’s objections to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission?

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