Recent attacks on transformer substations and other critical parts of the electric grid have underscored one of America’s most serious vulnerabilities: If the power goes off and stays off, our nation and the vast majority of its population will cease to exist.

The grid can be seriously disrupted for prolonged periods by a number of man-caused events, like physical assaults, power surges, cyber warfare against the grid, or high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP) caused by the detonation of a nuclear weapon outside the atmosphere above the United States.  Such events could disable or destroy outright key parts of the power grid, prompting the cascading collapse of every one of the other critical infrastructures that assure the availability of water, food, medicine, finance, transportation, telecommunications, etc., possibly for years.
The effects would be catastrophic. For example, the chairman of a blue-ribbon congressional task force has estimated that, if the power is off over wide areas of the country for more than a year, nine out of ten Americans would be dead.The good news is that we know how to fix the grid’s vulnerabilities. The Pentagon has been protecting its critical assets against EMP for over five decades. Known and relatively affordable technologies can protect our power grid and the 21st Century American economy, society and population that absolutely depend upon it.








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quote Bipartisan Voices from Congress on the Iran EMP Threat

Representative John Shimkus

“A nuclear airburst would fry our electronic system and throw north America into a panic which would be what Islamic radicals would love to see.” he went on further to say, “I’m just not sure we’re going far enough to put in the protections that we need.” 

Senator Mike Rounds

In regards to General Dempsey’s testimony on the Iran deal,  “In my opinion he made it very clear that this was not the advice that our military gave the negotiators in this process with Iran. … After a period of 8 years they have permission now to pick up intercontinental ballistic missiles.”

Senator Kelley Ayotte

“The intelligence estimates have been that they (Iran) will have ICBM capabilities this year is what we’ve heard so we know that yes, the scud would be the more primitive form (of delivery) but they are also working on more advance forms that could deliver these types of weapons and could have the same effect (EMP).

Representative  Tom Marino

A small nuclear weapon could be sent of a ship and shut down our electrical grid for as much as a year.  … The seriousness of it is that there is no heat, no light, no food.  This could be a real catastrophe and I think the Iranians would do everything they possibly can to try and destroy the United States.

Representative Stephen Lynch

We must enhance security for our nation’s critical infrastructure against the threat of a terrorist attack… we must make every effort to examine the extent of potential threats such as an electromagnetic pulse event to our homeland security.