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EPRI EMP Study: Frank Gaffney and Michael Mabee Break It Down

The EPRI EMP Study is being billed in the press as an “independent” scientific study. However, it is not. Listen to the experts break this scam down

EPRI is misleading the press and the nation on the danger to the U.S. Electric Grid

EPRI EMP Report Fraud EPRI EMP Study

EPRI published their much anticipated EMP Report on April 30, 2019. We discuss several points that are critical to the public’s understanding:

  1. The EPRI EMP Study is neither “independent” nor unbiased.
  2. The EPRI EMP Study study was paid for by the electric utility industry – who has an interest in a particular outcome. (Which, surprise, happens to be the exact same outcome that EPRI came up with!)
  3. Page viiii of the EPRI report confirms: “By the conclusion of the project, the research was financially supported by more than 60 U.S. utilities.”
  4. The EPRI EMP Study is based on a ridiculously low estimate of the EMP strength when more realistic estimates were available.
  5. The EMP Commission’s EMP threat assessment is based on actual soviet nuclear tests. EPRI ignored the EMP Commission’s assessment.

How this EPRI EMP Report is Misleading America

I had previously predicted that EPRI’s EMP Report was going to be a tool for the industry to downplay the EMP threat, and this is precisely what happened. Consequently, Here are some of the press headlines – showing why this misleading report is so dangerous:

The basis for this report (which caused these headlines) is a fraud – EPRI intentionally underestimated the threat so that in their models and tests they could “prove” their conclusion that the grid is not in danger from an electromagnetic pulse attack. (In other words, we are safe as long as our adversaries agree to stick to EPRI’s lower standards in their EMP weapons.)

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Command Sergeant Major Michael Mabee, Tikrit, Iraq 2004
Command Sergeant Major Michael Mabee, Tikrit, Iraq 2004
Mike Mabee EPRI EMP Study
Frank Gaffney