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These “Unidentified Registered Entities” Endangered the Electric Grid


But you don’t have the right to know who these “Unidentified Registered Entities” are!

It’s hard to wrap your head around this, but here it is: You do not have a right to know who endangered your family by violating electric grid cybersecurity standards. The identities are being hidden in a massive industry cover-up.

Here are the facts: In the last 5 years (2014-2018 to date), there have been 53 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) dockets involving 81 “Unidentified Registered Entities.” 

Unidentified why? Because the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) – the electric utility industry’s puppet self regulator – can get away with hiding the identities. That’s why.

Why can they get away with it? Because the federal government – FERC – has let them. That’s why.

These all allege violations of Critical Infrastructure Protection Standards (CIP Standards). Such violations could endanger the electric grid. We already know that our critical infrastructures are under attack – we need FERC vigilance, not industry cover ups.

I have previously written about this FERC/NERC cover up  of these “Unidentified Registered Entities” and also previously exposed PG&E as the violator in one of these 52 dockets  – a massive cyber breach in 2016 (FERC Docket NP18-7-000). Now I want you to see the extent of the cover up. Below is a list of the 52 dockets and links to the filings.

Do you have a right to know who endangered your family? Do you have a right to evaluate for yourself whether this regulatory scheme is effective? The answer is yes. Disclosure is the cornerstone to an effective regulatory scheme in a free society.

So, we have filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with FERC for the identities of these “Unidentified Registered Entities” – stay tuned as this battle unfolds.

Here are the “Unidentified Registered Entities”:

DateFERC Docket NumberTotal Penalty ($)Notice of PenaltyOrder
1/30/2014NP14-29-000$109,000.00View NOP View Order 
1/30/2014NP14-30-000$75,000.00View NOP View Order 
2/27/2014NP14-32-000$0.00View NOP View Order 
3/31/2014NP14-37-000$465,000.00View NOP View Order 
4/30/2014NP14-39-000$155,000.00View NOP View Order 
5/29/2014NP14-41-000$98,500.00View NOP View Order 
5/29/2014NP14-42-000$250,000.00View NOP View Order 
7/31/2014NP14-45-000$180,000.00View Filing View Order 
7/31/2014NP14-46-000$50,000.00View Filing View Order 
8/27/2014NP14-48-000$625,000.00View Filing View Order 
10/30/2014NP15-5-000$45,000.00View Filing View Order 
10/30/2014NP15-6-000$106,000.00View Filing View Order 
11/25/2014NP15-10-000$150,000.00View Filing View Order 
11/25/2014NP15-11-000$75,000.00View Filing View Order 
11/25/2014NP15-9-000$150,000.00View Filing View Order 
12/30/2014NP15-13-000$0.00View Filing View Order 
12/30/2014NP15-15-000$120,000.00View Filing View Order 
12/30/2014NP15-17-000$120,000.00View Filing View Order 
2/26/2015NP15-20-000$70,000.00View Filing View Order 
3/31/2015NP15-23-000$165,000.00View Filing View Order 
4/30/2015NP15-24-000$150,000.00View Filing View Order 
4/30/2015NP15-26-000$0.00View Filing View Order 
8/31/2015NP15-33-000$425,000.00View Filing View Order 
10/29/2015NP16-2-000$160,000.00View Filing View Order 
12/1/2015NP16-4-000$205,000.00View Filing View Order 
12/1/2015NP16-5-000$200,000.00View Filing View Order 
12/30/2015NP16-7-000$235,000.00View Filing View Order 
1/28/2016NP16-10-000$150,000.00View Filing View Order 
1/28/2016NP16-9-000$0.00View Filing View Order 
2/29/2016NP16-12-000$1,700,000.00View Filing View Order 
4/28/2016NP16-18-000$115,000.00View Filing View Order 
5/31/2016NP16-20-000$35,000.00View Filing View Order 
7/28/2016NP16-23-000$225,000.00View Filing View Order 
7/28/2016NP16-24-000$180,000.00View Filing View Order 
10/31/2016NP17-2-000$1,125,000.00View Filing View Order 
10/31/2016NP17-3-000$250,000.00View Filing View Order 
11/30/2016NP17-8-000$142,000.00View Filing View Order 
12/29/2016NP17-10-000$0.00View Filing View Order 
12/29/2016NP17-11-000$0.00View Filing View Order 
12/29/2016NP17-12-000$60,000.00View Filing View Order 
12/29/2016NP17-13-000$0.00View Filing View Notice 
4/27/2017NP17-21-000$201,000.00View Filing View Notice 
7/31/2017NP17-25-000$0.00View Filing View Notice 
7/31/2017NP17-26-000$250,000.00View Filing View Notice 
9/28/2017NP17-31-000$500,000.00View Filing View Notice 
10/31/2017NP18-2-000$0.00View Filing View Notice 
2/28/2018NP18-7-000*$2,700,000.00View Filing View Notice 
5/31/2018NP18-14-000$180,000.00View Filing View Notice 
5/31/2018NP18-15-000$0.00View Filing View Notice 
7/31/2018NP18-21-000$0.00View Filing View Notice 
8/30/2018NP18-22-000$0.00View Filing View Notice 
9/27/2018NP18-26-000$0.00View Filing View Notice 

*Note: This regulatory action was proven to be against PG&E. Click here for details.

Click Here for PDF Copy of FOIA Request.

Unidentified Registered Entities