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“Why most doomsday preppers will die”

Why all preppers should watch the two videos I posted below (“Why most doomsday preppers will die”), and what to do about it.

Whether any of us is willing to admit it or not–individually or as small groups typically a family–we will not be prepared for a long term WROL (without rule of law) scenario. We have seen WROL happen to a minor extent after hurricanes such as Andrew and Katrina. These were just regional disasters and plenty of help was on the way. If you extrapolate from that what would happen in a national disaster (such as a long term national grid outage), a strong door and lots of ammo are not going to make you and your family safe. If the local and state governments become ineffective, an individual or family’s security plan is not going to cut it for long…

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WROL - why most doomsday preppers will die