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In the Media: Russia Hacks Grid Control Systems

Moscow Suspected in Hack of U.S. Industrial Control Systems
Washington Free Beacon – Oct 31, 2014
Industrial control systems used to operate critical U.S. infrastructure including water and energy systems are under attack from cyber actors…


Computer Spies Target Control Systems Made by GE, Siemens
Wall Street Journal – Oct 30, 2014
There aren’t many reasons for why hackers would want to target industrial control systems, security researchers say.  Since there isn’t much…


New Russian Boldness Revives a Cold War Tradition:  Testing the Other Side
New York Times – Oct 30, 2014
But the manner in which hackers were choosing their targets also seemed intended to seize control of industrial control systems remotely…


Security Firms Tie Russian Government to Utilities Hacks
Bloomberg – Oct 30, 2014
North American utilities are scouring their systems… Attacks by what seem to be Russian hackers that have come to light over… Malware tied by cybersecurity firms to Russia’s intelligence services has…


Former NSA Official:  Here Are 4 Things Edward Snowden Gets Wildly Wrong About American Spying
Business Insider – Oct 22, 2014
Many of the factual assertions about the NSA and intelligence community that were included in Bamford’s article, and previous Snowden “disclosures,” are highly questionable from the perspective of someone who’s actually…