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FERC Finds Flaws in Electric-Grid Security Proposal

Federal Energy Regulator Asks Group to Consider Broadening Plan to Prevent Attacks

By Rebecca Smith

Updated July 17, 2014 7:30 p.m. ET

Federal energy regulators said parts of a proposal to beef up the electric grid’s security were inadequate and asked for revisions from the industry group that wrote it.

In an unusual move for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the agency on Thursday told the group that it should correct weaknesses in its proposed plan. The commission said to consider broadening the definition of equipment and facilities deserving protection and asked the group to allow the federal government to designate additional facilities eligible for increased security.

The commission tentatively accepted other provisions of North American Electric Reliability Corp.’s proposal pending further analysis and public comment. Under a system established by Congress, the utility-dominated group drafts rules to ensure that the electric grid functions reliably. FERC can’t modify the proposals but can send them back for revision.

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