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VIDEO: Ambassador Henry Cooper on the EMP Threat

Ambassador Henry Cooper on the EMP threat to the U.S. and the role of the National Guard. He spoke on January 18, 2014 at the South Carolina Tea Party convention.

From High Frontier:

I believe that private citizens musEMPt get involved, educate themselves and work with their local, state and federal authorities to counter this existential threat to all Americans–and the National Guard can play an important role.

We worked hard during the Cold War to harden our key military systems against EMP effects, but not our critical civil infrastructure—notably the electric power grid—and modern solid state electronics are much more vulnerable to EMP effects than they were in 1962. Unless these vulnerabilities are rectified, a single nuclear burst over the center of the nation could bring down the grid for an indefinite period and several hundred million Americans could die within a year. Solar storms can also bring down the currently unhardened grid with similar consequences—and a major solar storm will happen one day when the orbital mechanics associated with the Earth’s travel around the sun coincides with one of the regularly occurring massive solar emissions. The only question is when?

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Ambassador Henry Cooper Speaks on EMP
Ambassador Henry Cooper