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Night Vision for Preppers

We were talking about night vision today on Twitter (#PrepperTalk), so I thought I’d post a few good videos I found on the subject by some highly respected preppers: YouTube’s Southernprepper1 and MainePrepper. Night vision equipment is expensive, but a very important combat multiplier. You will want to do a lot of research to make sure you make a good decision before plunking down 1K-4K on this prep. The below videos are from highly respected preppers and should be helpful.

Southernprepper1: A combat multiplier… Flir Scout PS 24:

Southernprepper1: My Number 1 combat multiplier for a WROL situation….Night vision:

Southernprepper1: PVS 14 at night:

MainePrepper: PVS14 Video Response to SouthernPrepper1:

Southernprepper1 Night Vision
YouTube’s Southernprepper1