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Connecticut Gun Laws: I just registered my magazines

I just registered my high capacity magazines in accordance with Connecticut Gun Laws. Now, by “high capacity” magazines, I’m not talking about just “assault rifle” (whatever that means) magazines. I just had to register my pistol magazines because they can hold more than the 10-round Connecticut maximum. I don’t want to be a felon, even though I vaguely remember something about a Bill of Rights in school – but no matter.

I feel so much safer now.

Connecticut Gun Laws
Connecticut Flag
(The Latin slogan means: “Bill of Rights not applicable here”)

Think of it. This actually levels the playing field. Before the new Connecticut gun laws, a criminal could attack me and my family carrying any number of rounds they wanted! Now, criminals can only attack us with no more than 10-rounds in their magazines. This will definitely be helpful, but there is one slight thing the Connecticut law-makers missed, so I hope they do a quick amendment to the Connecticut gun laws.

What if a criminal gang attacks me and my family. Being a law abiding criminal gang, they will, of course, only have 10 rounds each, but I will only have 10 rounds to defend my family against all of them. This hardly seems fair. I’m sure the criminals would have no problem if we put through an amendment that in cases of multiple assailants, they can only have a total of 10 rounds in all of their weapons before committing a crime. For example, if there are two assailants, they can only have 5 rounds each. If there are 4 assailants, they can only have 2.5 rounds each. This is just common sense and I hope the Connecticut legislature will fix this “criminal loop-hole” soon.

This way, should a criminal gang attack me and my family and kill us because they violated the gun law and had more than 10 rounds, our estate can sue them. Granted, we won’t get anything since criminals don’t tend to have a lot of assets (and we’ll already be dead anyway), but as I arrive at the pearly gates with my dead family and empty 10-round magazine, at least I’ll know that justice was done.

I have no problem with any gun law that the criminals will also obey. Ask any of the robbers or murderers in prison – they almost all say they are innocent. So obviously our laws against robbery and murder must work – it must be that the criminal justice system failed if we have all these “innocent” criminals in prison. No reason why the criminals wouldn’t obey our 10-round magazine law, is there?

On second thought, somehow, I don’t think that Connecticut gun laws are making anybody safer from criminals or people with psychiatric problems. “assault rifles” and “high capacity magazines” (which oddly includes pistol magazines) have been legally owned by law abiding citizens for decades (at least since the early 1900s when they were invented). Somehow, law abiding citizens owning guns and magazines does not seem to be the problem.