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VIDEO: Electric Grid Security – House Hearing on the GRID Act

Electric Grid Security: House Energy Subcommittee Hearing. Witnesses testified about proposed legislation to protect power delivery through the U.S. electric grid. Known as the Grid Reliability and Infrastructure Defense (GRID) Act, the bill focused on protection from cyber attacks and other threats. (Time: 2 hours, 18 minutes)


Edward “Ed” Whitfield – U.S. Representative, [R] Kentucky

Rush Bobby – U.S. Representative, [D] Illinois

Henry Waxman – U.S. Representative, [D] California

Trent Franks – U.S. Representative, [R] Arizona

James “Jim” Langevin – U.S. Representative, [D] Rhode Island

Lee Terry – U.S. Representative, [R] Nebraska

Pat Hoffman – Assistant Secretary, Department of Energy

Paul N. Stockton – Assistant Secretary, Department of Defense

Joseph McClelland – Director, FERC

David B. McKinley – U.S. Representative, [R] West Virginia

Cathy McMorris Rodgers – U.S. Representative, [R] Washington

Pete Olson – U.S. Representative, [R] Texas

Gerry Cauley – President and CEO, NERC

Franklin D. Kramer  – Former Assistant Secretary, Department of Defense

Barry R. Lawson – Manager, NRECA

Electric Grid Security - House Hearing on the GRID Act
Edward Whitfield