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You really could not ask for better training videos on what WROL (Without Rule of Law) would look like in America than  “Why Most Doomsday Preppers Will Die.”  This is a series of videos by YouTube’s stankmouthcharlie. Mr. Stankmouth is not a prepper. But he describes what he believes (and I happen to agree) is a fatal flaw in individual and family prepping. The flaw is this: It takes a village to prevent a WROL.

WROL - Without Rule of LawWe have seen minor and temporary WROL events in the United States in the past. Take for example Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina. When governments become ineffective – even temporarily – we can’t count on people remaining civil. Especially when food and water gets scarce. So now imagine a national scale catastrophe, such as a long-term loss of the electric grid. Many individual preppers focus on “guns and ammo” when it comes to their security preps. While there is nothing wrong with covering this base, in a WROL world, this is not enough.

Because we have never experienced a national scale WROL situation in America before, many preppers underestimate the impact it would have – and perhaps have overestimated their security preps.

So back to “it takes a village.” An individual prepper or family is in grave danger in a WROL – it really doesn’t matter how many guns you have. It is a matter of numbers. If a gang of 20 armed people want to take your preps, you are not in a great position. I once heard a general say to his staff in a briefing: “Don’t confuse enthusiasm with capability.” In other words: So you’re a great shot. So you have a tricked-out airborne-death-machine looking weapon and gear. So what? This isn’t a movie. Even the Navy Seals back out of a fight if they have to.

The antidote for WROL is not to let WROL happen in the first place. The way you do this is by not letting your local government become ineffective and having a plan for a long term power outage. This takes prior planning (or prepping) and this is what I cover in my book. So if after watching these videos you decide that you don’t have WROL covered in your preps, you may want to give more thought to the issue of community prepping. All your preps are useless if they are taken away from you – and you and your family will suffer.


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