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EMP Resource Center

Infraguard SIG EMP Resource Center

The Infragard EMP Resource Center is the main web resource for the InfraGard Electromagnetic Pulse Special Interest Group with a mission of providing information, education, and actionable information relating to high impact, long-term threats such as those posed by solar weather, nuclear and non-nuclear EMP, cyber attacks on critical infrastructure and more.   The EMP SIG addresses any high-impact low-frequency threat that could cause long-term nationwide collapse of critical infrastructure.  These threats include EMP, extreme space weather, cyber attacks, coordinated physical attacks or widespread pandemics.

Cyber, Electronic Warfare, and Critical Infrastructure Strategies


   Share STG's website and information with your family and friends. . . Write your officials about passing legislation to harden the grid and to plan for grid down. . . Prepare for you and your family for a long term power outage.