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STG Experts

Cynthia Ayers
Cynthia Ayers
Representative Andrea Boland
State Rep. Andrea Boland
Dr Peter Pry; Task Force on National and Homeland Security; EMP Commission
Dr. Peter Vincent Pry
Image of Tom Popiik of Foundation for Resilient Societies
Thomas Popik
Ambassador Henry Cooper
Ambassador Henry Cooper
George Baker; Nuclear Defense Agency; JMU College of Integrated Science and Technology
Dr. George Baker
Chuck Manto; Infragard
Chuck Manto
Kevin Freeman; Cross Consulting and Services; Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism
Kevin D. Freeman
   Share STG's website and information with your family and friends. . . Write your officials about passing legislation to harden the grid and to plan for grid down. . . Prepare for you and your family for a long term power outage.