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Civil Defense Radio: Mike and Preston on EEI and China

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Is it okay for EEI and China to lobby against grid security? We don’t think so!

Listen to Episode 10 of Civil Defense Radio: Mike and Preston discuss EEI and China and the recent revelation that Edison Electric Institute – who has lobbied against increased grid security – has allowed the government of the People’s Republic of China to be a member. Are EEI and China lobbying against grid security – when China at the same time has penetrated the North American Electric Grid in cyberattacks?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.


Listen to “China Lobbying for Less Grid Security” on Spreaker.

Take Action!

We do not think it is “okay” for EEI and China to lobby against grid security! If you agree, please print a copy of this article and send it to your elected officials today!

EEI and China


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